Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oh Noes!

My worst fears have been confirmed... Nookingtons has degraded after all...

Improved service?!! Is that all you can say, Mr. Nook, when you've completely ruined the shopping experience for everyone living in Tropolis?

Now I will be completely embarassed when anyone comes to my town, for my lack of shopping facilities are so... Well, n00b-ish.

Hmph. Now I have to wait a whole month to get it back to normal! As you can tell, I'm not very happy. Thanks a lot, Nook!


  1. Heyy! I'm Ebbie and I saw your post on!

    I hav just created a new blog too, but it's not as good as yours!!! It's

    Please check it out and follow if you like!!

  2. At least he will be open later! I quite like nook and go hehe :)