Friend Codes

Name: lollie
Town: Tropolis
Code: 0690-4280-4188

Name: Ducky
Town: Tropolis
Code: 0905-1764-1318

If you have Animal Crossing Community, I would prefer if you could send me a Friend Code Request through that just for reference. Search for the username 'lolliepopsie'. If not that's fine too, just leave a comment below with your friend code if you want to play!


  1. heyy im ebbie but my ACC username is hope12345

    Unfortunately i cant get on anymore (idk why) but it should have my friend code on I'd luv to play! I play AC:WW and AC:CF

  2. Name: Ebbie
    Town: Bubblesea
    FC: 2408-5414-6747

  3. Okay, I'll add you and hope we can play sometime soon! ^.^~